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Sleepy Dragon

One of the many fantastical creatures in HexWorld. Do you think this dragon is friend or foe?

I’m under construction

Please excuse the mess! As the heading says, Wizque.com is under construction. But….. since you found yourself here, let me tell you a little about Wizque and the plans for this site.

One of my biggest dreams has been to develop a game. Specifically, a fantasy RPG with all the trimmings; magic, quests, treasure collecting, dramatic dialogue, combat, big cities, small hamlets, wizards, fantastical creatures…. I want it all!

My first taste of RPGs was in the 90’s with Masters of Magic which is a Civilization clone set in a fantasy world. You play a wizard who must conquer the world by casting the Arcane Spell of Mastery. Even though Masters of Magic wasn’t a RPG, it still had some RPG elements. I just loved it!! Though, DOS made me feel like I was insane at times. I still have nightmares.

The next big gaming influence was the Ultima series. This was the first real RPG, and I lost hours playing this game!! Then there was Neverwinter Nights. And then of course World of Warcraft, where I happily spent years of my life!! Of course there have been many others, but I’ll leave that to a post.

In the game development space, we live in great times! You have the pick of many game engines to create any game you can imagine! And the technology keeps improving. I decided to use the Unity game engine for my project and have been using Unity for awhile as a hobbyist and now to help bring my game to life.

With that, I created Wizque, LLC to take my hobby to the next level. Wizque is a single person indie game development studio with one project. The goal is to develop and publish a mobile RPG fantasy game set in a semi-procedural generated world. This site will function as Wizque’s interface to the world, by providing updates and news on the current project. I plan on documenting the steps and choices I’ve made to bring the game to life in a series of blogs. Also, If time permits, I’ll blog on related topics, such as game industry news, fantasy book reviews, and where I find inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by and see you back soon!





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